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Look no further than our exceptional offerings designed to meet the diverse needs of high-level investors, business owners seeking a seamless transition, homeowners looking for a quick sale, syndication enthusiasts, and those seeking expert coaching and consulting. Discover the benefits of partnering with us and unlock a world of possibilities.


Our deep understanding of the DFW market, combined with an exclusive network of opportunities and investors, ensures a lasting, lucrative professional relationship that transcends traditional investment and sales experiences. 


Embrace a future where professional achievements and daily life are enriched through strategic partnerships.


Join our esteemed community of investors, business owners, and real estate enthusiasts. Partner with us today and experience the quality, expertise, and success that come with our commitment to excellence.

Are you ready to take your investment journey to new heights?

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Uncover What Is Truly Possible

Exclusive Opportunities and Expert Guidance for Discerning Investors and Business Owners

Strategic Real Estate & Business Investment Mastery in Dallas-Fort Worth

In the dynamic heart of Dallas-Fort Worth, PCL Housing Commerce emerges as the cornerstone of sophisticated investment and strategic business transitions. With an acute focus on high-level investors and business owners poised to elevate their portfolios or pass on their legacies, we offer a conduit to exclusive opportunities that are as profitable as they are discreet.

Elevate Beyond Limits, Dominate the Market:

That's the PCL Housing Commerce Promise

PCL Housing Commerce, LLC, nestled in the dynamic Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, stands as a beacon of innovative real estate and business brokerage services. Founded by the visionary Paul Loubao, PCL Housing Commerce specializes in offering a spectrum of unique services tailored to diverse clientele, including high-level investors, business owners seeking strategic exits, homeowners requiring rapid sales, participants in real estate syndication, and individuals seeking expert coaching and consulting in real estate investments.


What distinguishes PCL Housing Commerce is our unparalleled commitment to confidentiality, our expansive network of seasoned investors, and our deep-rooted understanding of both the local and global market landscapes. Our approach is deeply client-focused, ensuring customized, strategic solutions for every individual or entity we partner with.

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Master the Art of Elite Investment

Join PCL Housing Commerce for Exclusive Real Estate & Business Ventures In DFW

Words that come to mind to descr reflect on the process of selling our venue: friendly, considerate, kind, thorough, knowledgeable, persistent, businesslike, thoughtful, respectful. Working with Paul throughout the process of selling the venue we owned for 23 years was a pleasure, and he made it as easy as such a life-changing event could be.

He listens, communicates, is very detail oriented and goes the extra mile to make sure the deal is done properly. If you are in the market to sell a business or your home, I highly recommend reaching out to Paul Loubao and PCL Housing Commerce.

Carol Powers

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